We create moving digital experiences - carefully crafted live activations and online spaces. A digital studio developing and creating standout experiences for events, exhibitions and retail spaces.

Digital activations

We embrace the latest technologies and creative ideas to ensure that the digital activation will always be eye-catching and memorable for the event.

Virtual reality (VR)

Our virtual reality experiences put users straight into the heart of the action, stimulating various senses including sight, sound and physical touch.

Augmented reality (AR)

We can help you to discover the possibilities of everything that augmented reality has to offer - from the next Pokemon Go to a treasure hunt game in a venue.

Game production

Digital experiences taken to the next level with game production for events, exhibitions, attractions and retail environments.


Drawing on experiences creating award-winning websites, a whole new audience is just a click away.


From a short animation, meticulously crafted frame by frame, to expansive live event visuals - our motion team will help put storytelling in motion.

It all starts with an idea. The spark that connects thought with action.

The idea can get realised in a number of ways depending on the requirements of the project. From a short term digital activation in a retail store, to a permanent installation in a brand showroom - our digital projects span live places with online places. Always looking to create the perfect digital fit for the environment, we strive to look for new technologies and creative ideas that push the envelope of brand messaging and user experience.

Some projects come to us more realised than others. We can work on the ground floor to generate ideas and the breadth of possibilities for your projects or pitches - or we can help facilitate the implementation from a fully storyboarded idea. We are flexible and able to step in and help with any aspect of the digital experience.

We will work closely with your exhibition contractor to ensure the digital activation looks and works as good as the concept, and we have extensive experience working with a number of contractors in different countries.

Whether creating fully comprehensive, interactive virtual environments for your next event, tapping into the exciting possibilities behind augmented reality, or looking to navigate the abstract Metaverse - let us be your digital partner for any journey into the digital space.

From imagination to creation, we'll be there, listening and guiding, helping you realise your vision.

Whether for live places or online spaces, our experienced and forward thinking team will help nurture your idea, developing it into an engaging and interactive experience. Every great idea starts with a single spark - we'll make it digital.

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