VFX makes the impossible possible and enhances the real world to create visually stunning spectacles – when digital images, CGI animation, or 3D animation, are created to enhance live-action footage.


Whether it’s a short animation, meticulously crafted frame by frame, or the meeting of art and maths with AI-generated visuals, motion can add that extra layer to your ideas that will entice and engage your audience.

This extra element of motion can also be utilised to enrich any event through rendered or real-time footage for a highly flexible and interactive solution. Either as CGI animation, visual effects, motion graphics or animated videos, our visuals team will help you to realise your idea and its full potential.

It all starts with your idea. Your unique vision that we will help bring to life. We will discuss your idea thoroughly before researching and sketching out the basic concepts until every detail is considered, thought carefully upon, and approved by you. With our thorough treatment process we ensure that every frame, every movement is not only meticulously brought to life but is also exactly right for you and your project goals.

VFX can help you to fully realise your vision by cleaning up, enhancing, or completely transforming your film projects. At Voxel Studio, we know the importance of detail. And with our VFX services, we can make your next project picture-perfect.

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