Virtual sets

Whether creating fully comprehensive, interactive virtual environments for your next event, tapping into the exciting possibilities behind virtual set design, or looking to navigate the abstract Metaverse – let us be your digital partner for any journey into the virtual space.

Virtual sets

Our virtual studio technology allows us to create an endless supply of virtual sets with limitless capabilities.

Place a news anchor in a fully branded virtual studio, a weather reporter in the middle of the ocean – if you can picture it, we can create it. Then, take the immersion to the next level with virtual scripted camera movements, motion graphics, and virtual screens, all done in real-time. Add remote guests to open a dialogue in your show, and add presentation slides and motion graphics to help illustrate points made and further immerse your audience. By fully utilising all the possibilities of virtual sets, you can take your production to a whole new realm.

Production via virtual sets allows you to point, shoot, record, or broadcast live from anywhere you can imagine. Our team of designers and programmers will create any environment or virtual set using Unreal to broadcast your virtual production. The only limit is imagination.

Utilising these virtual studios and virtual sets allows for flexibility, freedom, and efficiency not previously available in physical sets. Through motion tracking and virtual camera movements, we can create fully realised productions with a fraction of the crew needed for filming on a physical location, making virtual sets a much more budget-friendly and time-efficient solution to your production needs.

Virtual sets with real-time rendered environments and graphics allow you to transport your on-screen talent to anywhere you could imagine and eliminate the need to source a physical space and build and maintain a physical studio.

With the virtual realm presenting an ever-expanding range of opportunities, our experience and know-how are the keys to helping you unlock the potential of your ideas in the virtual world.

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