Virtual reality (VR)

Our virtual reality experiences utilise fully interactive 3D environments to put your users straight into the heart of the action, stimulating various senses, including sight, sound, and physical touch. Your audience will be transported into virtually any environment you can imagine.

virtual reality experiences

Through the use of virtual reality, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So whether you want to transport your audience to a fully bespoke rendered 3D environment, take them on an experiential journey or let them explore real-world spaces, our developers can help make your ideas a virtual reality.

Experienced through a range of VR headsets, we will help craft a unique virtual reality environment that captures the imagination of your audience and asks them to delve deeper into a whole new world full of new sights, sounds, and interactions. Our virtual experiences will engage your audience, creating exciting, long-lasting, memorable experiences.

The impossible is only a headset away with virtual reality. From small mobile phone-based headsets accessible to almost anybody to high-end immersive setups, we will help your virtual vision become a reality, no matter the scale or breadth of your virtual experiences.

From immersive training exercises and educational walkthroughs to fully interactive, fun, and exciting virtual reality games, the versatility of virtual reality means that no matter your aim or your message, we can help deliver it engagingly and memorably.

Free roaming VR allows users to access a layer of freedom in their virtual experiences. Rather than being tethered by a wire from the headset, free roam VR will enable users to freely explore a 3D environment much as they would a physical one while in a dedicated venue, allowing for even greater degrees of freedom and immersion. This also enables users to interact with real-world objects and interact with other users inside the 3D environment.

From initial conception and in-depth discussions of your vision, we can help create unique and engaging virtual experiences that will entice your audience and leave them with a memorable and lasting experience.

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