Touchscreen apps

From developing an interactive touchscreen game with reward incentives at a retail activation to a Minority Report style interactive transparent touchscreen app, we can help deliver your message to an engaged audience.

Touchscreen apps

Whether looking to introduce new products at an exhibition, engage a new audience at a promotional event, or increase customer retention at a retail activation – we have many years of experience producing bespoke touchscreen experiences that deliver the right messages and create a memorable experience.

Touchscreen apps can be delivered in various ways, from mobile and tablet devices to large LED screens. A new style of interactive screen is the transparent LED, which allows hologram effects to be augmented on the screen presented in front of a physical product. 

Gamification is a key area that develops a touchscreen app by adding a competition element. A separate leaderboard screen can be connected to show the top scores and help keep players coming back for another try.

Data capture can also be integrated to add extra value to the touchscreen app outside of brand reinforcement.

Forge connections with an audience with a carefully crafted digital experience – delivered on a touchscreen app. Help educate about a new service or brand ethos and gain insights into what an audience is interested in.

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