Projection mapping

Through our projection mapping services, we can make the illusion of images, animations, and 3D effects onto virtually any surface, allowing your narrative and your ideas to take on a whole new dimension.

Projection mapping

Projection mapping allows us to take the basic principles behind standard projection (onto a flat screen) and apply this principle to almost any object without warping or distortion – for buildings, architectural sites, landmarks, and more.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers can help realise your vision.

We can take your projection mapping project one step further through user interaction. Creating an immersive and interactive art installation through 3D projection mapping can allow your exhibition, event, or brand activation to entice and amaze your audience, letting you stand out from the crowd and create a lasting, memorable experience for your audience. 

The possibilities for user interactions are endless for users to directly interact with your installations, such as triggering specific animations from a user’s movements or combining projection mapping with conductive ink walls to utilise physical touch trigger points.

We can seamlessly project any image or video files onto any surface, regardless of its shape or size – from buildings, vehicles, statues, architectural structures, natural geographical formations, or almost anything else you can imagine.

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