From a short animation, meticulously crafted frame by frame, to the meeting of art and maths to achieve AI-generated visuals, motion can add that extra storytelling layer to a project that will entice and engage an audience at events, exhibitions, and retail – storytelling in motion.




Everyone has a story to tell. Whether conveying a brand’s history and narrative, creating an eye-catching and immersive account for brand activations, or presenting ideas through an animated explainer – animation is a powerful storytelling tool.

motion graphics

Motion graphics

Whether making your web content more visually striking and engaging, adding information to film, or creating animated explainers for your next pitch, we take pride in creating compelling, exciting, and engaging motion graphics and animations.

event visuals

Event visuals

Events are shared experiences that leave a long-lasting impact on attendees, performers, and organisers alike. With our events visuals service, we can help you to realise the full scope and possibilities of events to help deliver your message in your unique style.



VFX makes the impossible possible and enhances the real world to create visually stunning spectacles – when digital images, CGI animation, or 3D animation are designed to enhance live-action footage.

generative content

Generative content

We can help to transform film ideas into production – from an eye-catching promotional video for an upcoming live event to an interactive walkthrough for an in-store retail digital activation, through to a volumetric video for an AR app.

Motion can enrich any event through rendered or real-time footage, coupled with sensors and tracking for a highly flexible and interactive solution.

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