Hybrid events

Hybrid events are not only the latest buzzword. They are the connection between physical and virtual events – combining both benefits to create a compelling experience shared by people in person and visitors on the other side of the world.

Hybrid events

Our hybrid events production service can help you create a truly accessible, inclusive, and memorable event for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Our knowledgeable team will always assist and advise every step, from initial concepts to final delivery. So whether you’re looking to reach out to a new audience, retain your current audience or grow your brand awareness, our experienced and skilled team will help you create a long-lasting, immersive and memorable hybrid event.

We can help you grow engagement with your physical and virtual audiences through our hybrid event production by giving every attendee the same level of immersion and interactivity, no matter where they are. Your audiences, both in person and virtual, can simultaneously engage with every element of your event through live streaming video, 360 virtual tours, hybrid networking platforms, and more.

Live stream

Ensure that no matter where your virtual audience is located, they never miss out on the action with our live streaming video service. We will fully immerse your virtual attendees in keynote speeches, panel discussions, Q&As, or any other essential sessions, offering crystal clear picture and audio quality, ensuring that anyone can experience your event.

360 Virtual tour

Beyond allowing access to the individual sessions at your event, our 360 virtual tour service for your hybrid event can place your virtual attendees at the heart of your event. Our 360 virtual tour service will create a fully explorable 3D environment modelled after your physical venue. Clickable hotspots allow users to access information on displays or critical areas, playback video sessions from various stages or session areas and immerse themselves in the virtual environment around them.

Event apps

Event apps can help your attendees to discover more about speakers, performers, and event displays, network, and communicate with other attendees. Public community posting and message boards, and private messaging allow seamless networking between in-person and remote attendees.

Our hybrid event production service will also help you to collect and analyse vital event data. For example, simple registration forms can help you to collect data on all of your virtual attendees seamlessly and effortlessly. You can then analyse this data and other figures such as interactivity with specific virtual booths or sessions, apps, and networking engagement, among others.

We can create a seamless and immersive event experience for your physical and virtual attendees with our hybrid events production. Ensure your event is accessible to all with our various hybrid event solutions.

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