Generative content

Generative content is pioneering how humans interact with digital activations – with instant visual rewards for getting involved – creating unique and memorable experiences that people want to share.

generative content

For use in events, exhibitions, and retail activations, generative content produces visuals or sound based on user interaction, creating eye-catching, innovative, and engaging installations. 

Triggered by a Kinect, Leap Motion, or other sensor, animations appear on screen or projection to entice visitors to experience for longer in retail, events, and exhibition environments. An increased linger time gives the opportunity to buy products or be approached by a team member at an exhibition.

The world of generative content is snowballing with the advent of NFTs, producing a flow of new artists creating short videos or code-based loops. Using tightly controlled intention with an element of randomness provides an interesting digital canvas.

Using 3D projection mapping software, you can turn any surface, interior or exterior, into a blank canvas for the generative content. Content can be fully mapped onto buildings (interior or exterior), vehicles, statues, architectural structures, or natural geographical formations.

Generative content can reach far beyond visuals. Take a step into the exciting world of generative music through AI and WebGL. Create unique musical compositions each time a web page is opened or a button pressed at an exhibition stand, offering interactive and distinctive pieces for every user.

Through our bespoke generative content services, we can help you to enhance your events and exhibitions and create truly memorable, meaningful, and cutting-edge experiences.

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