Filming and editing

From an eye-catching promotional video for an upcoming live event to an interactive walkthrough for an in-store retail digital activation, through to a volumetric video for an AR app, we can help to transform ideas into production.

Filming and editing

We’ll guide you step-by-step through filming and editing, starting with an in-depth discussion of your vision and needs. Then, combining these with our experience to create a finalised brief and timeline, including pre-production, production, and post-production. Finally, everything is mapped out, from the smallest details of the initial filming process to the final film delivery. We ensure that your vision is realised down to the last frame.

From planning the logistics of shooting days to gathering and preparing every piece of our professional filming equipment needed, you can rest assured that we will see your distinctive vision realised.

Editing is equally crucial as filming, as it can adjust the overall tonal quality of the production, adjust storytelling pacing, and ensure the message hits the spot.

Volumetric video is a growth area for 360 filming. It allows people or objects to be integrated within 3D environments such as augmented reality or virtual reality and be there in full 3D. We have seen volumetric technology in game production and filtering down to corporate production.

We also understand that great footage isn’t complete without great audio and a killer score to match. Our sound design and music production services can help elevate your footage. Whether you need a bed of atmospheric sound design for any project ranging from a virtual reality experience to an immersive exhibition stand, a full dynamic score to help add an extra dimension to a piece of film or animation. Our professional audio team can help craft any ideas you may have into music to your ears.

From storyboarding to creating audio spotting sheets, filming schedules, and organising site visits, we will ensure that every detail of your film shoot days is prepared so that we can concentrate on expertly putting your ideas to film.

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