Event visuals

Events are shared experiences that leave a long-lasting impact on attendees, performers, and organisers alike. With our events visuals service, we can help you to realise the full scope and possibilities of events to help deliver your message in your unique style.

event visuals

Our team will be there every step, from initial concepts and briefing to final delivery, always assisting and advising to help you deliver an immersive and memorable experience through our events visuals services.

Creating that unique spectacle can be the most important factor when engaging a new audience. That’s why, at Voxel Studio, we work with you to create engaging and interactive event visuals.

Event visuals matter whether it’s a corporate function, exhibition content, or a music and arts festival. We pride ourselves not only on our technical abilities but also on our creative flair and passion. From lighting and audio to generative visuals and interactive projection mapping, we can help you deliver your message to your audience and create event experiences they will never forget.

Event visuals take the next step with real-time motion graphics and VFX, with every detail controllable on the fly, not baked into a fixed video. Real-time visuals allow the producer to change the tone or feel, even if something has taken longer than expected on stage.

Projection mapping allows us to take the basic principles behind standard projection and apply this principle to almost any object without warping or distortion, whether that be buildings, architectural sites, landmarks, and more, to create interactive visuals for your next event.

No matter what atmosphere or event experience you want to create for your audience, our event visuals service can help you to create a memorable and lasting event experience.

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