Conductive ink wall

A conductive ink wall is a carefully crafted blend of projection mapping, storytelling, and interaction to create a powerful digital activation where the user controls the experience – ideal for making an impact at events, exhibitions, and retail environments.

Conductive ink wall

We have produced several conductive ink projection walls for different brands worldwide. An illustration tells the brand story, and animation brings the experience to life when a user interacts with the wall.

Attracting visitors within an exhibition to walk onto your stand is the first step in developing new connections at the event. A conductive ink wall is an ideal format to attract users, as the interaction element is a fun icebreaker.

The animations projected can be anything from illustrating a process to showing key or historical points on a timeline. These can be enhanced further with sound design or music to add atmosphere and depth.

Conductive ink walls at an event or exhibition help create a memorable brand experience shared on social media or with colleagues – helping to create a unique message that cuts through the noise.

We understand how vital narrative can be when engaging an audience with your brand, products, or services. Conductive ink walls are the perfect medium for storytelling as users can read and interact at their own pace – stopping to converse with a brand team member.

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