Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality or AR is the process of layering virtual elements seamlessly onto physical objects and environments, allowing for a fully interactive and engaging experience. Our experienced team of developers can help bring your ideas to life.

augmented reality experiences

Through the use of augmented reality, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to transport an audience to a fully bespoke rendered 3D environment, take them on an experiential journey or let them explore augmented real-world spaces, our team can help make your ideas a reality.

We will be there to advise and update you along every step of your project, from the initial conception and implementation of possible AR solutions to the design and delivery of your bespoke project.

Enhancing the real world with virtual elements is an exciting way to engage your audience and leave them with a memorable and long-lasting experience. In addition, the melding of the physical and virtual worlds holds various untapped potential that can elevate your next project to the next level with the push of a button.

The virtual world is ever expanding and evolving, with various companies consistently finding new and innovative ways to engage and retain their audience. Our team of developers can help you stay at the forefront by building intuitive and engaging augmented reality apps that feature 3D model rendering, image recognition, and location mapping.

WebAR allows the AR project to be viewed with just a mobile phone and browser without requiring an app to be downloaded first. We have experience developing both WebAR projects and app-based downloads.

We can help you discover the possibilities of everything augmented reality offers – from the next Pokemon Go to a treasure hunt game in a venue. So allow us to help realise the spark in augmented reality.

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