360 video

Our 360 video service can be used for filming an environment in 360 and also filming people in volumetric video, allowing the 3D video to be used in Augmented Reality, VR, and WebGL productions.

360 video

Volumetric video is a significant development area within 360 video production. As the Metaverse steams ahead, people want to see human-like characters in the environment. Therefore, a reliable method for capturing people talking and placing them in 3D is vital to future production.

A captured volumetric host can introduce an AR treasure hunt at a venue or guide a user through an online WebGL brand experience.

As the industry constantly progresses, we can help you always stay at the forefront with the latest technologies and video formats. We are continually finding new exciting solutions to help bring projects to life. Through 360 video and volumetric video, you can ensure that your content will allow for unique user experiences and high engagement.

Whether telling a narrative through 360 videos, exploring a virtual environment, or creating a volumetric capture of the CEO presenting in augmented reality, our experience in virtual production will ensure that every detail of the tour will be meticulously produced.

Our bespoke virtual tours are perfect for displaying on desktop, mobile, and VR headsets for a truly immersive 360 experience, meaning that tours can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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