360 photography

Our 360 photography service will put your audience in the middle of the action, taking them to the centre of real-world or specially designed virtual environments, allowing for a new level of engagement and interaction not previously possible.

360 photography Frankfurt Messe

At Voxel Studio, we utilise every degree for capturing and viewing 360 photography, 360 virtual tours, and 360 tours.

Whether helping property buyers picture themselves in their potential new commercial space or letting customers explore your venue, our bespoke 360 virtual tours can help take your users to any environment with our 360 photography service.

Our virtual production team will be there through every step of the process, from the initial brief to selecting which virtual tour platform will be best for your project to the capture through to final delivery and hosting. In addition, we will ensure that every detail of the 360 virtual tours will be meticulously produced, and will entice, intrigue, and encourage every one of its users.

Increase your 360 virtual tour’s engagement through multimedia hotspots. Encourage users to learn more about your brand, products, and services by creating clickable hotspot areas around your 360 virtual tour. From displaying pop-up videos and informational slides to gamifying your 360 tours with hidden collectables, increasing interactivity can help create a more memorable and lasting experience for every one of your users.

We see the world around us in 360, so why should your images differ? With our 360 photography service, your users can step directly into the heart of your images, allowing for true immersion.

Embedded into your webpage, utilised for interactive 360 tours, or to exhibit your latest products, our 360 photography service can help you tell your story without borders. Let us help your vision be seen from every angle.

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